Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An anxious wait.

As you would all mostly be aware this is headed for Cairns.

My dad lives in Cairns...

Just outside of the city centre.
He and his family have taken shelter in a local shopping centre with thousands of others, he tells me they should be safe there, all the kids there think its a party, imagine sleeping at your local Westfield the night!
He said it was air conditioned..."Oh that's nice" I said, "for how much longer"?

"Oh... good point" he said.

That's when the reality of it all set in.

What about when the lights go out...?

Im sure its being well managed.

Its going to be a very long night for everyone in Cairns

All we can do is hope and pray for the best outcome.



  1. It is terribly frightening. I just can't wait for it to go away, and hope everyone is safe. It's an anxious time.

  2. It's frightening, I hope it will be fine for your Dad and all the others up north! Keep us updated Megan. Jxx

  3. Oh hon! My thoughts and prayers are with them tonight. xx

  4. Its just so terrifying to think about the potential destruction this cyclone will bring ..I hope your dad and his family are kept safe and sound till its all over x

  5. Megan I hope you're family will be ok. I have been talking to my Dad in Townsville all day. I just spoke to him about 20 minutes ago then hung up and bawled my eyes out. He's holed up in his unit on his own. A couple of trees had gone already, and the power had just gone out. But he said he just managed to finish cooking all his meat and boiling all his eggs so he could eat later if he needed to. Better than letting it go off in the freezer. I will not sleep a wink tonight.
    All the best for you and yours my friend.
    Megs xx

  6. Oh my dear Megan, I so hope that this isn't as bad as everyone is predicting but it appears that this is going be quite awful. I will definitely keep your dad, you and all of the people in North Queensland in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like your dad is in a safe place and that must be comforting news for you.

    Blessings and best wishes always,


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