Thursday, February 3, 2011

And breath out...

Thank you so much everyone for your concern about my Dad.
It was a scary time.

He said it was quite a terrifying experience but they are all safe and it seems his house got away relatively  unscathed with only minor damage.
Much relief for so many people.

My heart goes out to everyone that has not fared so well, we are all thinking of you.

Far north Queenslander's are a tough bunch, I asked him how they handle the very pissed off displaced Crocodiles that have made their way into town...Yep, it happens, that's no problem, you just stay out of their way... Riggghhht, fair enough, glad you're safe then!
Happy to see they kept their sense of humour too.


  1. So glad your Dad is ok Megan that's great news!

  2. Megan I replied to your comment on my post but I'll just say it here. I'm so glad your Dad is safe. It was such a rough night. I got a little sleep here and there but kept waking up with crazy images in my head of furniture flying around. Over tired and stressed I think. Then I kept picturing my Dad's roof being torn off and him in his bathroom clinging on for dear life. It's just horrible. I just spoke to him in Townsville and they are saying that there is no water and power could be off for weeks! So he has no idea how he's going to get by. He didn't have much damage out the front of his place but when he went for a drive he was shocked at the amount of roads blocked by the debris. And you can imagine the stench that will begin to rise from no plumbing and the sewerage overflowing. They have to be so careful what they drink etc.
    Again, I'm glad your dad is ok too.
    Megs xx

  3. I'm glad both Dads are okay. I think there's been no reported deaths or serious injuries. Thank God. That's the main thing, really.

    What a relief for you. It would have been an awfully long night.

  4. Glad your Dad is ok Megan, it was a scary thing to experience.


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