Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cath kidston styled kitchen

While were on the subject of kitchens.
Its Cath so I can't help myself. 
Im not always up for this much colour...truly... sometimes Im equally in love with brooding darks, but It does always make me smile when I see it done well.
Thank you  Cath


  1. Those colours and prints are divine! Oh how I wish I could fly on over to England right now and spend hours in her store!

    Oh well, a virtual trip will have to do for now!

    Best wishes,

  2. That butler's sink looks great. Yes, it's a lovely kitchen. Sometimes you need some happy colours in a kitchen, especially if cooking's not your forte.

  3. Yes, I do love butlers sinks. As for your question in the previous post, duh! Silly me thought it was something specific about the island bench, not the kitchen in general. I've woken up now

    Lisa x

  4. Oooh.... the tablecloth is the same print as my phone cover!,! I love it! x


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