Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its too darn hot.

I have a couple of projects I intended to finish this week and post for you but nature had other plans.

It has been seriously hot here this week, between 35 and 45 degrees and back again since Monday which was also the first day back to school for us.

I had these images of slipping seamlessly back into our normal routine once school returned and I was more than ready, it hasn't quiet worked out that way.
The most frequented room's (the kitchen and study) are on the western side of the house and have no real protection from the sun, they heat up to an unbearable temp, I spent 10 mins in the blast furnace kitchen the other day and left in a lather of sweat, its not a pleasant place to be at the moment .
Needless to say there has been very little cooking even less blogging and absolutely no painting.

So here's a random image that Ive had in my files for ages,
I love this room.
It has so many elements that I adore, the industrial light, lots of suitably vintage pieces, the white panelled table, modern artwork and they appear to be having a tea party with pretty tea cups...Yep that's me right there.


  1. Mmm not sure if that's better than the horrid cold and damp we have here at the moment? Hope you get some jobs done soon. Em x

  2. A great image indeed. Don't worry I can't seem to get much done these days. A 2 & 4 year old seems to swallow up so much of my time. You know how it is. :) Hope you get some cool somehow.. a swim? Go to the cinema, shops or anywhere else free aircon prevails? :)

  3. Lovely room Megan! Its been pretty warm here too, just keep the air con pumping all day!! but its my sewing room which stays really hot unfortunately, so i am the same as you with lots of projects just waiting and waiting!!!
    Glad that your dad is well and good!
    laura xx

  4. I agree with you..It's way to hot..Forget the painting,heck forget cleaning... just relax..xx

  5. Right with you on the heat! I painted last week and could have had a swim in the amount of sweat that was dripping off me (sorry, gross I know).

  6. Hi Megan dear, yes this heat is so oppressive but that room looks so cool. Xx

  7. Sweltering with you and loving that room with you too. And I've always fancied bookshelves by the dining table - somehow makes one look awfully intellectual, don't you think?

  8. Pant, pant... it was extreme wasn't it? Loving the cool change this evening. x


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