Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Im a fan.

Happy new year my lovelies.
Yay my first post of 2011... a photo of an ugly fan... hmmm not so lovely but after doing a quick blog hop of my faves this morning I saw Alicia's post on her new fan and GASP... it is EXACTLY the same as this one I picked up yesterday for $5 at my local salvage yard so I took that as a sign and just had to show you now instead of waiting until I had restored it.

This is after id cleaned it too! it was FILTHY, literally caked in dirt 3mm thick.
 Its not such a good photo as you cant see the perfectly retro blue base but trust me.
She is gorgeous.
She was going to sit up high on my fridge out of harms way (to little fingers) but now that I know she can go on the wall I'll be doing that.
I have so much to bore you with  tell you all,
like why I was at the salvage yard at all??? and why my back room appears to have been invaded by tables...

We have had a busy wonderful holiday season, the other half is back at work now allowing me to reinstate something similar to normal routine.
I feel recharged and healthy and im looking forward to spending this year with you all.

And as I feel a first post it is somewhat symbolic of how one intends to continue, here's some random photo's of loveliness as I do wish to see more loveliness this year.

And to see what my fan SHOULD/WILL look like visit Alicia at time worn style.



  1. Hi Megan. I've also mentioned fans in my first post. Mind you mine are not groovy like this one. It's so cool! Look forward to seeing your projects and house developments this year.
    Sonia :)

  2. oh wow megan, what were the chances of finding the exact same fan. It is not ugly at all, totally gorgeous (as you know I am biased) Thanks for the link backs to my blog I am enjoying the fan love indeed :0))
    ps. super bargain at $5 too even if caked in dust!

  3. oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE her I am sooooo jealous GREAT find

  4. I have two vintage items I have been on the look out for for years - 1) a fan like yours 2) a scale It is lovely :) XOL


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