Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is anyone else utterly disappointed in the Book depository at the moment?

Or am I just being a spoilt brat?

They have been so awesome for so long but it seems that with their rise in popularity they have responded with a rather LARGE RISE in prices (they now equal our retail in some tittles) and sub standard service all of a sudden.

Maybe Im just throwing a tantrum but Ive been waiting for nearly 5wks now for my latest purchase.
A few transactions failed to go through for no apparent reason and they never even e mailed me to let me know they had been cancelled.
Not only that but I used to enjoy finding bargains for you but now it just looks like Im peddling crap cause I need the money, so not cool.

What's a dedicated book junkie to do now that my supplier is no longer reliable?
I know I should buy local but they are just so dam expensive here.

? Anyone

Tell me, how do you guys get your book fix?

Sorry for the grumpy post but hell hath no furry like a spoilt brat let down by her cheap book provider!

BTW. Don't use my links unless you like spending more than you should. Ill find you bargains again... somehow!



  1. I HEAR you!!! It's because we're in Australia we're getting ripped off. Seriously. I did a Kris Kindle with my family for Christmas with a 20 euro limit per person, I was buying for my sister who lives back in Ireland. She emailed me the 2 books she wanted and that they came to 19 Euro, I went to order them and when I converted the total from Australian dollars to Euro it was EUR 29.80!!! I did a screen capture and sent it to her to see if the prices had gone up at her end, they hadn't , she searched them again and sent me back the screen capture saying they were 19 euro. Anyway I bought them for her but I have no idea why we're getting ripped off for being in Australia, it's meant to be free shipping worldwide but I have a feeling they are now factoring in distance into their pricing in different regions and they can detect your location when ordering by your IP address. NOT HAPPY!!!

  2. I've never heard of this - I'm off to check out the button on your sidebar to educate myself :) XOL

  3. Are you serious Thrifted Treasure!!! That is so irritating!, I, also have noticed the price hike, but just thought it was something to do with Christmas. So disappointed.

  4. I am on a budget so tight that I feel your pain! Do share any new thrifty insights you discover. Always interested!! :)

  5. good morning!

    as a total *book depository junkie* i too have been a little disappointed i have to say!!
    i use them to send books as gifts all over the world and i am a little miffed by their postage times!!

    books are generally much cheaper in the uk than oz anyway...and i can buy on amazon with free postage if i'm happy to wait a 3-5 days!
    'cause i am!!!

    but there was something sort of cool from buying via *the book depository* wasn't there!!
    so now i check prices on both and usually buy from amazon as prices pretty much the same now!

    can't imagine what my book boxes are going to cost when we eventually head home to oz!!

    hows your local library- will they buy in books you'd like to see??

    melissa xx

  6. p.s- i WANT....NEED {!!} all those gorgeous book shelves above ....adore them!

  7. It's very irritating isn't it! I had a similar experience, I clicked through a link on one of my fave UK bloggers who was very briefly an affiliate and I discovered the prices were much lower, assuming they had finally gone down I signed in to my account to purchase and discovered I had no wish list??? Its a completely different site! I had to make a new wish list, now I have two lists on two different sites but all the account details are the same? very very weird.

  8. Im with you Melissa. Ill be using Amazon from now on, it seems even with postage they are now cheaper and cheaper again than retail here, I just found 3 books Ive been after for only $60 total... they are $50 EACH here. I hadn't thought about the library, good idea I will look into that. Megan

  9. I agree, the prices lately have been outrageous - they used to be so cheap compared to our local bookshops. I now keep an eye out at my op-shops, and every now and then I get lucky and cross titles off my list. Might have to go and check Amazon now.

  10. I shop at the local Vinnies or the tip. There's some great bargains (and the books are all really old and lovely). I also like to shop at the vintage book shop in Mudgee. They have the most beautiful collection. I've never bought one online, not yet anyway! x

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  12. I just keep buying more books! I have a $100 gift voucher in my bag now and am about to head to my local bookstore to spend it. Yes, I am addicted.

  13. Oh dear, this informative post had the opposite effect and made me SPEND money at The Book Depository as when I went and checked there were a heap of new books for The Munchkin quite cheap (yes, some where Preorders) however I did notice that some that where previously under $30 had hit over $300!! WT! I find their postage slow too but am not usually buying anything that I am in a hurry for. Lets hope they go back to their brilliant reputation soon so they don't lose too many customers back to Amazon!

  14. Ps. I am drooling over the home library pics in this post :)


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