Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Suspended the hunt.

The hunt for a new sewing machine has been put on hold, It has been superseded by a far more immediate problem.

Remember this post when I asked about how you would feel if you had to rent again after owning? 
Well its seems Im about to find out for sure.
We decided on Sunday to bite the bullet and rent this house out, we would take our time and look for something perfect and not move until we found it...
 As fate would have it the very next day we discovered that a trusted friend had been given notice on her lease, her landlord sold her house and she needs to find something fast. 
So it seems we have found our perfect tenant! only now we have a time limit, we need to find a new home in 6 weeks, this is not an easy task in this area as the rentals are few and far between and in high demand. 

So the sewing machine will have to wait but I couldn't be happier, this way I will actually have a room to put it in and boy am I excited about that!
 I may be a little infrequent with my post's in the next month or so as I attempt to perform real estate miracles but im sure you'll understand.

At least you wont have to listen to me whining about our lack of space any more no no you'll probably have to listen to me whining about how much fun we're having living with my mother as I wasn't able to find something in time... Now that'll make interesting blog content...cough.
Don't get me wrong I adore her, just cant live with her, not an unusual scenario im sure.

Wish me luck.

I hope it looks like this

Or these

Not super charged about my chances but im sure Ill find something good.
Ill keep you posted.


  1. Good luck! I adore my mother but would find it rather challenging if I had to live with her again as well!! I hope you find something super quick. x

  2. How exciting. Can't wait to hear about your house hunting, and see what you find. Yeah, we can all relate to not probably wanting to live with our mothers. Lol, your mum might have needed to start a blog.

    Lisa x


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