Sunday, March 6, 2011


Im still here.
 Ive just been very busy this week packing and searching.
Im hoping to spend some time this week catching up with all of you. 

Autumn is finally here and of course Im gravitating towards autumn inspired interiors, to my mind no one does Autumn better than James Merrell .

He'd have to be my favourite photographer, I even bought this awful book just because he put his name to it, there's $16 Ill never get back... I don't even like country kitchens! especially not the cluttered early 90's style.

Now that's devotion to an artist.



  1. I do like that low green lush couch with the flowers.

    Oh well, you never know when you need a book on country kitchens. It could become a collector's piece, because everyone who bought one hates it too, and they throw theirs out, and your's is the only copy left in the world. Keep it.

  2. Hahahaha, good point, I shall keep the ode to clutter. M xx

    P.s. Yes to the lounge also.

  3. beautiful interiors .. I love the big chandelier and then as they are now fashionable to hang


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