Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little break

Im taking a bit of a break but just for a short while.
We are heading to Bega tomorrow and having an extra long weekend for a family get together and when I return I need to seriously start on organising this house and our lives for the move.
Ill be de cluttering and purging lots of "stuff" I mean do I really need 6 typewriters? 
I have FINALLY found the correct sized pieces for the kitchen Island bench so when I return I will be able to show you that too, who would have thought that it would take so long to hunt down pieces of ply.
I will be back in action soon and I cant wait to be able to take some time and catch up with you all, you are loved and sorely missed, not sure what Id do without blogging now?
Be good...Or good at it.

And here's the obligatory pretty image as you know I wont post without one.

I don't think Ive ever told you this but I have a 'thing' for shabby white upright pianos, I simply must have one very soon.



  1. Have a fabulous break and enjoy the family get together in Bega!

  2. Have an awesome time Megan! Wish I could have a break :( But we'll be here when you get back :) x

  3. Enjoy your break, love the piano, look forward to seeing the kitchen! Georgie x

  4. Hi megan, enjoy your getaway! Look forward to catching up with you on your return!!
    Laura xx

  5. Will have to admit I've never seen a shabby white piano before but there you go! Enjoy your break!

  6. We just gave our old piano to my sister and she is planning to paint it white ASAP. She will love this picture!

    Hope you had a good break. I can't wait to hit the beach soon!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week and Happy St Patrick's day!

    Best wishes,

  7. Enjoy the break! Lucky you that you have typewriters - I'm not sure my kids even know what one is. I like vintage typewriters like you like pianos :)

  8. I love old white painted pianos like this too! My husband actually plays piano, but I think he would have horrors if I proposed shabbifying (aka painting) a piano - even if it was already old and shabby. But I love the look - it's so casual beach cottage.


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