Monday, December 6, 2010

My first major recovering project

I found these on the side of the road in all their red velvet ugliness and lugged them home, I had to make two trips and I remember being really nervous that someone else would take the others in the time I was gone.
 Im pretty sure Toby nearly had a heart attack, they were pretty ugly (sorry there's no before photos, it was so long ago and pre blog but you can see a small area of red velvet on the back of one I hadn't finished in the second photo)

I told Toby he just had to trust me.
He did, but he was never too sure of my cow print choice.
I was so proud of my efforts with these chairs, making the pattern and sewing them up was time consuming and fiddly but I loved it. I hadn't sewn for so long and It took me straight back to my textile, design and fashion studies at tafe when I was 17.
I got a lot of flack over these chairs, Im not sure why people were so opposed to them, they looked great with the white floor, they were a pretty powerful statement in our small room I guess.
I didn't care though as I loved them, I still do but we no longer have the room for them so I put them on ebay.

 They didn't sell...
"Gee what a surprise"  everyone said.
So I stacked them up the back of the shed waiting for a time when we'd have room for them, then for some strange reason I re-listed them knowing full well they wouldn't sell again...

Guess what!
Someone else likes my cow-print chairs.
I have a bid.
Only problem is that now Im sad.
Have you ever sold anything then really regretted it latter?
I know its the right thing to do but Im going to miss my loud comfortable cow print chairs.



  1. Ha what can I say they definitely have personality! Don't worry with your knack for finding things you'll be in love with something else you've made before long. They do look comfy, and I hope you make a lovely profit for your efforts, and seeing as they were free you probably have already! :)

  2. Great work! I just found your blog and am now your latest follower. I also have a new blog so please visit sometime and I'll send some inspiration your way!

  3. haha, yep they sure have personality they're very subtle...ahem...Actually you are so right, it wont take me long to fall for something else, good advice Megan xx


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