Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Corners of my home

I've tried many different options for this side of the kitchen, timber shelf units, paintings, blackboards you name it, none of them worked for one reason or another.
I didn't just want put up another ordinary shelf so I left it blank.
Until the weekend.
I was so over looking at it.

 So I suited up with my asbestos gear and mask, armed myself with my spray bottle, shaving cream* and wet disposable paper towels, evacuated the rest of the household members and got to drilling...

Ahhhh the joys of renovating with asbestos when even putting up a simple shelf takes half a day.

Here's the result.
Yep... I just whacked up another ordinary shelf lol,


* Mark your drill hole, cover area to be drilled or punched with shaving cream and drill. The cream prevents the dust from spreading then you can just wipe it off and dispose.
Take all other precautions as well though. 


  1. It looks great Megan. I'm impressed with your know-how and prowess with a drill, and dealing with asbestos. I just want to get all mine removed. We've 2 bedrooms, kitchen and a loo to remove it from.
    Like the hanging clips from the shelf, practical and groovy.

  2. Hi Megan...Looks fabulous, I had a chuckle at the image of you in your gear with the drill, ha , cheers Katherine

  3. I love getting my hands on the power tools.You did a great job..Loving your pink and blue little bowls..Please pop over and visit sometime,I'm an Aussie girl too..xx


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