Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mid century heart palpitations

You can image what my heart was doing when I spied this in a roadside rubbish pile yesterday .

Could it be?
The owner was around so I couldn't hang about inspecting it for stamps or labels

I quickly placed it in the back of the car, thanked the owner (who insisted I come back latter and take more when I had more time!??) and headed straight home.  

 So I get home and nervously turn it over to find this.

It says Munnoch Sydney NSW??
I googled it and found nothing.

So its not what I was hoping for, what are the chances that I would find an original Eames Dsr side shell? really, what was I thinking?

But I don't mind, this is still a very beautiful mid century piece regardless, well made, fibreglass, comfortable, old and free.
I love it.



  1. What a groovy chair. And the roadside finds are always the best!
    Megs :)

  2. Great find!
    I have 6 replicas by MUNNOCH for sale on Ebay right now. They produced quite a few in the 60s it seems.

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