Saturday, December 18, 2010

All I want for Christmas

I only just found out about this!
Naturally I skipped straight over to the Book depository to order it...

It over $200... 
And that's literally HALF the price it retails for here, in fact its $440 at one retailer.

So... Santa... Whatcha think? Room for it in my stocking?

I am certain it is worth every cent!

Unfortunately It will have to linger in my wish list just a little longer.

Until next week maybe...Ahem...

So many thanks to Anna from doorsixteen
for making me aware of its existence.
I wont do it justice so you're best to read about it here

If you want to buy it for me you can get it Here .

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  1. oooh I wish, I think it would be a most excellent read for sure


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