Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lovely ugly Finds

Here is my latest baby,  so beautifully ugly, he has the most wonderful bones, he came from a local op shop, I don't normally spend a lot on my finds but every now and then a piece comes into my world that I have been asking the universe for, when that happens I need to strike fast as these gems do not last, I usually find that what I need to make it happen is either ready or easily arranged  ie: the extra money I need will be there, there will be someone ready to look after the boys so that I can fit the piece into the car, that sort of stuff, if this is not the case then it probably wasn't the right thing for me... This time it all worked magically, Ill share the story one day.

Circa 1930's
Not cheap, but still an absolute bargain.
Imagine a crisp white linen slip cover

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