Thursday, April 22, 2010

My name is Megan.

I live in a very small weatherboard cottage on the central coast of n.s.w with my Fiancé and two boys 6 and 2. We have been renovating it ourselves for nearly 3 yrs now and still have much to do. I am obsessed with house's and decorating, I think I own nearly every book on the topic (thanks also to an unhealthy obsession with the book  more on that latter)
I love op shopping, a lot, I don't get to do it as much as id like though as I have two young boys that don't really love op shopping. I enjoy the thrill of the chase, finding a new piece and giving it new life or maybe just a coat of paint, I have no problem with roadside finds and I'll often dedicate a Sunday afternoon to driving around my suburb just searching for interesting items on peoples council pick-up piles, especially chairs, I have a thing for chairs in fact I have way too many and now not enough room for them, so much so that I have decided that I will start selling some of my treasures, but for now, come hunting with me, we'll find some new old things, we'll paint, sand, paper and repair, good times.
M x

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