Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is how we remember

Today is Anzac Day, the day to remember and be thankful for all the soldiers that fought and paid the ultimate price for our country.
We missed the dawn service, it was raining, the Boys were cozy and still sleeping, it was just too much like hard work...Yes I see the irony... And I feel completely selfish, oh how hard it must be for me to endure such trying situations... but I wont beat myself up, you see I am grateful, very much so and I have respect and I want my Children to feel it too and the best way to pass it on is through tradition.
So we marked the occasion the best way I know how...Food... The Anzac Biscuit, baked by the housewives and sent to the front lines to sustain our troops, Oats for strength, Golden syrup and Sugar for energy, they didn't spoil and travelled well during navel transportation. They also taste awesome and were certainly I could imagine the only way women could feel as though they were still nurturing and had some control over the well being of the men in their lives. This is how we remember.

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